MKT703 – Strategic Marketing Management

Mid Term Syllabus of MKT703_Fall 2019
Mid Term Syllabus of MKT703_Fall 2019.pdf
122.24 KBpdfNov 11, 2019
 Course Pack Fall 2019_MKT703.pdfCourse Pack Fall 2019935.29 KBpdfOct 18, 2019
 Regional_Risks_Doing_Business_report_2018_South Asia.pdfRegional Risks for Doing Business (2018) by World Economic Forum1191.41 KBpdfJan 11, 2019
 Ansoff Growth Matrix _Assignment 01.docxAnsoff Growth Matrix _Assignment 01 _ MKT70332.38 KBdocxMay 10, 2018
 Module 02.rarModule 02 MKT7032033.86 KBrarDec 04, 2017
 Session 04.rarAdobe Connect Session 04_ MKT703438.79 KBrarNov 22, 2017
 Rubric Table 1_Assignment 01_Fall 2017.docxRubric Table 1.1 Assignment 01_Fall 201715.36 KBdocxNov 15, 2017
 Digital Marketing Material for Mid Term exams.pdfDigital Marketing Material for Mid Term Exam _Fall 2017873.04 KBpdfNov 14, 2017
 Session 01.pptxPPts of Interactive Session 01 – Fall 201721054.65 KBpptxNov 01, 2017
 Module 4.rarModule 44550.54 KBrarJul 20, 2017
 Module 3.rarModule 3744.54 KBrarJul 20, 2017
 CASE Blockbuster Fights for Survival Against Intense Competition.pdfCase Study: Blockbuster Fights for Survival against Intense Competition96.43 KBpdfJul 06, 2017
 CASE Gillette Product and Marketing Innovation.pdfCASE Gillette Product and Marketing Innovation160.5 KBpdfMay 04, 2017
 Module 1 MKT703.rarModule 1: MKT703766.13 KBrarApr 18, 2017
 Exam Wrappers.pdfExam Wrappers Fall 2016194.19 KBpdfFeb 16, 2017
 Special Session on Entrepreneurial Spirit_Live from Singapore.pptPPTs of Special Session on Entrepreneurial Spirit ( Live from Singapore)14120.5 KBpptJan 16, 2017
 Guest Speaker Profile for Special Session on Entrepreneurial spirit.pdfGuest Speaker Profile for Special Session on Entrepreneurial spirit – Adobe connect session395.25 KBpdfJan 12, 2017
Performa for Assignment # 01 – MKT703
Performa of Assignment 01_MKT703.docx
18.04 KBdocxNov 25, 2016
 Big Data consumer analytics and the transformation of marketing.pdfBig Data consumer analytics and the transformation of marketing.1024.36 KBpdfJun 23, 2016
 Fostering Social Innovation through Multiple Social Media Combinations.pdfFostering Social Innovation through Multiple Social Media Combinations by Yannis Charalabidis, Euripidis Loukis & Aggeliki Androutsopoulou558.78 KBpdfMay 11, 2016
 PPTs of MKT703_Strategic Marketing.rarPPTs of MKT7035196.28 KBrarApr 19, 2016
 Global Branding.pdfGlobal Branding: From fundamentals of Global strategy: A business model approach by Cornelis A. De. Kluyver615.4 KBpdfJan 20, 2016
 How to Summarize a Research Article.pdfHow to Summarize a Research Article32.45 KBpdfNov 23, 2015
 Learning Taxonomy for the MS Students.pdfLearning Taxonomy for the MS students952.58 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 The Role of Sales and Marketing in Market-Oriented Companies.pdfThe Role of Sales and Marketing in Market- Oriented Companies by Oliver Goetz, Ann-Kristin Hoelter & Manfred Krafft449.08 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Marketing, market growth, and endogenous growth theory An inquiry into the causes of market growth.pdfMarketing, market growth, and Endogenous growth theory: An inquiry into the causes of market Growth by Sundar Bharadwaj, Terry clark, Songpol Kulviwat1603.72 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Multi level analysis in marketing.pdfMultilevel Analysis in Marketing Research: Differentiating Analytical Outcomes by Jan Wieseke , Nick Lee , Amanda J. Broderick , Jeremy F. Dawson & Rolf Van Dick410.98 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 wedc_strategic_marketing_to_improve_both_water_utility_finances_and_services_to_poor_urban_water_consumers_2000.pdfStrategic marketing to improve both water utility finances and series to poor urban water consumers – A discussion paper741.88 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Competitive Arena Mapping.pdfCompetitive Arena Mapping: Market Innovation Using Morphological Analysis in Business Markets by Kaj Storbacka & Suvi Nenonen287.15 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Barriers to implementing relationship marketing analysing the internal market-place.pdfBarriers to implementing relationship marketing: analyzing the internal market-place by Nigel F. Piercy319.97 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 MARKETING’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE.pdfMarketing’s contribution to implementation of business strategy by STANLEY F. SLATER and ERIC M. OLSON117.17 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Marketing Strategy An Assessment of the State of the Field and Outlook.pdfMarketing Strategy: An Assessment of the State of the Field and Outlook by P. Rajan Varadarajan Satish Jayachandran2840.86 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Expanding our understanding of marketing in society.pdfExpanding our understanding of marketing in society by William L. Wilkie & Elizabeth S. Moore326.73 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Strategic marketing and marketing strategy domain,.pdfStrategic marketing and marketing strategy: domain, definition, fundamental issues and foundational premises by Rajan Varadarajan321.96 KBpdfNov 16, 2015
 Theories for competitive advantage.pdfTheories for competitive advantage By Hui-Ling Wang234.71 KBpdfNov 11, 2015
 conceptual marketing framework.pdfA Framework for Conceptual Contributions in Marketing by Deborah J. MacInnis672.95 KBpdfNov 04, 2015


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