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Bookshops are one of the most important places in a university. Today however with the advancement of the technology you can buy stuff online through the online bookshops and e-stores. VU Bookshop is the online bookstore which offers various material for different subjects for each semester and every program.

If you study in the VU, you will know the importance of video lectures and handouts. VU offers a lot of facilities for its students, and one of them is the VU Bookshop. It is an online Book Shop where you can order reading material, CDs, and Handouts. It is very easy to use website. Like all other e-stores, you can browse the items that you need to buy. You can sign up on the website and create a login ID. You will use that login ID to access all the features.

How to order

Placing an order on the VU Bookshop is easy. The interface of the website is intuitive. When you log in you will see that the left pane has the list of semesters. You need to choose the semester by clicking on it. Once you click on it, it will display a list of programs. You will then need to choose the program that you are studying. For example, you can choose BS (Mathematics) from the list.

Once you select, you will see that the right side panel will display a list of available CDs and Handouts of each subject in that semester.  You will also see that each subject has a checkbox in front of it with the price. You can choose all the material, or you can choose a few that you need.

After selection, you will need to click on the check out button. It will then display the order. You can also add more items or remove the items from the cart. You will then need to select the shipment address. You will then see your order details. Make sure that you remember your order number. You can use this order number to track your order. After that, you need to make the payment.

There are two ways in which you can make the payment. You can either pay by cash or through the designated bank branches. To make the payment in the bank, you will need to download the Challan form. Print it and make the payment to the nearest bank.

Make use of the bookshop

As a student of VU, you need to utilize the bookshop. Order CDs and the handouts for each subject. The order will reach you in a week. The bookshop is a great place where you can find all the material you need to pass the exam.

The benefit of this online bookshop is that the international students, who cannot reach the university locally, can now order the material and get it. Anyone can access the VU Bookshop and place an order. All you need is to sign up for a new account. It is not necessary to have a VULMS ID to access the book shop.


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